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COVID – 19 Update
Yes we are open!

During this trying time we have implemented all the Government guidelines to ensure we may continue to provide you with our dog grooming service. Our EFTPOS machine is sanitized after each use and we do still accept cash payments.

Welcome to Our Website

Yuppy Puppy Canine Styling is a small, home based dog grooming business. Jaimee and Angela have over 40 years of combined professional experience in the dog grooming industry.

Their genuine love and passion for dogs which started in the early 80’s has seen them excel in the dog grooming industry for many years, they are notably respected and well known for their professional canine styling.

Dog Grooming and Styling is a professional skill that requires love, affection and understanding of our four-legged friends.

Friendly Professional Service

Jaimee and Angela are highly experienced in correct breed trims and have that extra creative flair to style you fur baby in any way you wish.

Jaimee and Angela are both friendly and professional and will work closely with you to ensure that your best friend is groomed to suit not only your requirements but suits your best friends needs as well.

They can offer expert advice on skin and other health concerns and will pamper your four-legged family member as if it was their own.

Yuppy Puppy is located at Flagstaff Hill, the salon offers a relaxed stress free environment.

Watch Lola have her topknot scissored.



Regular grooming of your four legged friend is vital, not only for them to look and feel great but for their overall health and wellbeing.

From a wash and blow dry to a complete transformation, Yuppy Puppy offer the very best in dog grooming and canine styling.

Jaimee and Angela have a wealth of knowledge and experience in canine grooming and styling, they understand that leaving your beloved fur baby at the groomers for the first time can be a daunting experience but their kind and gentle persona will help you and your best friend feel at ease. They want you fur baby to enjoy coming to see their groomer and they will work hard at making your family member enjoy their experience at Yuppy Puppy.

Upon your arrival at Yuppy Puppy, Jaimee and Angela will discuss in depth exactly what you are expecting from your dog styling experience.

Im most cases, if your pet’s coat is kept maintained (groomed every 4-6 week) Jaimee and Angela will be able to style your pet in whatever “look” you would like, however if your pet is matted or overgrown they may not be able to groom exactly the way you expect.

All visits include nail trimming, ear cleaning and anal gland expression (if needed).

A clean dog, is a healthy and happy dog.

Dogs Requiring Special Handling

senior dog


As our beloved four-legged friends grow older, their grooming needs change. Many senior dogs deal with joint inflammation, arthritis, sore muscles and general fatigue.

Ageing dogs often suffer diminished eyesight and sense of smell, which can easily make them nervous or frightened.

If you fur baby has been visiting us for some time than this will be less of an issue as they would already be familiar with our salon.  More info on our senior dogs page.

Many dogs love going to the groomer, others merely tolerate it and some dogs suffer greatly from anxiety.
Jaimee and Angela will work hard towards making sure your anxious fur baby learns to trust and enjoy their grooming visit.

There are a number of reasons as to why a dog may be anxious about being groomed. It may be because they have had a bad experience with a groomer in the past, or they may be frightened by the sound of the clippers or dryer, they may be anxious from the different smells and environment in the grooming salon and it may be just because they are anxious by nature.

Just as puppies need early socialisation they also need early familiarisation of the grooming process. At Yuppy Puppy we recommend your puppy to be 11 weeks of age for their first trip to the grooming salon, this is after their vaccination program has ended.

Your puppies first visit is familiarise them with the different smells and sounds of the salon. The critical period for puppy socialisation ends at around 16 weeks, so it is vital that your puppy experiences a positive, comfortable and enjoyable time at the groomers before this time. More on puppies grooming.

Why Choose Us

With so many grooming salons and mobile groomers out there, Why Choose Us?Jaimee and Angela are both highly proficient and caring canine stylists.They have a genuine love for dogs, who’s health and safety is most important, they respect the feelings and worries of your fur baby and will spend extra time making them feel comfortable and safe. They are caring and patient and will take the time to listen to your needs, they will provide feedback, training and grooming tips.

Jaimee and Angela have exceptional talent in many different grooming styles, they will work with you to make sure you are happy with your pet’s new haircut, they don’t just clip off every dog the same way.

As soon as your fur baby is ready for collection they will contact you  and  most pets are usually only kept for 2-4 hours.

They offer a relaxed calm enjoyable environment, they are not over crowded or under stress and having to groom 20-30 dogs a day.

They limit their numbers so that they are relaxed and stress free, if your groomer is stressed your fur baby will be stressed, dogs feed off of the emotions of those around them.

They are extremely experienced and handle all of their clients with confidence and care, your dog can tell that Jaimee and Angela know what they are doing and will feel relaxed and at ease.

Jaimee and Angela are always upfront and honest about your dog and its well being, they will always give you a choice as to how your pet is groomed, if your pet’s coat is in good condition you can have it styled as long or as short as you like.

They make themselves aware of any pre-existing issues before they begin so that they can identify and make changes and adjustments to the grooming process if necessary.

Yuppy Puppy is family owned and operated, you will always know who is grooming and working with your beloved four-legged friend, Jaimee and Angela are the only ones who will be grooming your pet. You will get the same groomers every time and your fur babies will get to know them and look forward to seeing them.

Jaimee and Angela take exceptional pride in their grooms, they will not send any dog home with a groom they would not be happy with themselves.

They understand anxious dogs and have many clients who have been told that their furbaby needs to be sedated to be groomed and they have groomed them with no issue and no sedation.
They understand senior dogs and puppies, they recognise their needs are different.  Visit our Special Handling page for more information on Anxious/Senior and Puppy clients.

Jaimee and Angela will take the time talk to your fur baby and reassure them, they will cuddle them and play with them, they enjoy their company just as much as they hope your four legged friend will enjoy theirs. After all that is why they are dog groomers !

We are a registered business with insurance.

Why Not to Choose Us

Why NOT to choose us!

If you are just looking for the most convenient and cheapest dog grooming salon
then we are not for you.

If you don’t care about getting to know your groomer and anyone will do
then we are not for you.

If you don’t care about how your dogs are treated and just want to drop them off and collect them when you remember
then we are not for you.

If your dog is not a member of your family
then we are not for you.

If you don’t care what your dog will look like after their groom
then we are not for you.

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