Dogs Requiring Special Handling

senior dog


As our beloved four-legged friends grow older, their grooming needs change. Many senior dogs deal with joint inflammation, arthritis, sore muscles and general fatigue.

Ageing dogs often suffer diminished eyesight and sense of smell, which can easily make them nervous or frightened.

If you fur baby has been visiting us for some time than this will be less of an issue as they would already be familiar with our salon.  More info on our senior dogs page.

Many dogs love going to the groomer, others merely tolerate it and some dogs suffer greatly from anxiety.
Jaimee and Angela will work hard towards making sure your anxious fur baby learns to trust and enjoy their grooming visit.

There are a number of reasons as to why a dog may be anxious about being groomed. It may be because they have had a bad experience with a groomer in the past, or they may be frightened by the sound of the clippers or dryer, they may be anxious from the different smells and environment in the grooming salon and it may be just because they are anxious by nature.

Just as puppies need early socialisation they also need early familiarisation of the grooming process. At Yuppy Puppy we recommend your puppy to be 11 weeks of age for their first trip to the grooming salon, this is after their vaccination program has ended.

Your puppies first visit is familiarise them with the different smells and sounds of the salon. The critical period for puppy socialisation ends at around 16 weeks, so it is vital that your puppy experiences a positive, comfortable and enjoyable time at the groomers before this time. More on puppies grooming.